It was a bit of a wait, but it will be worth it! Get ready for a summer hockey at Stamford Twin Rinks in Stamford, CT, led by Mike Carlucci.

Have you been wondering how to help your player develop during the spring season while still allowing him or her to participate in their traditional spring sports? Don’t miss out on this convenient growth opportunity at CT United SUMMER Hockey.

CT United offers structured, skills-based practices led by outstanding coaches to help your player maximize their development.

CT United is different than any other off-season hockey program because it is not affiliated with any winter program. At CT United, the focus is on the player, not the winter program. This year, the season starts June 22, 2020!

CT United Season Begins in








Program Highlights

Ice Time

Two 60-minute practice slots each week allow for significant development over the course of the 10-week season.

Skating Skills

A Power Skating instructor will visit each team three times over the course of the season to teach the correct stride mechanics required for explosive, powerful skating.

Top Coaches

CT United players will be coached by highly qualified coaches with proven track records of developing youth hockey players and leading their teams to state and regional championships.

20 Practices

Players will be divided into skill-based groups to train at a variety of stations covering all hockey skills, battle drills, and small area games.

Goalie Training

Goalies receive extra care and attention in our program. A specialized goalie coach will work with each team’s goalies three times over the course of the 10-week session.

Battle Drills

Practices will include competitive battle drills and scrimmages to improve each player’s anticipation and decision-making skills leading to better gameplay overall.

Set Schedule

With a consistent schedule of practices over the course of the season, CT United players can participate in spring sports without worrying about unexpected calendar conflicts.


Each CT United team will participate in select tournaments. Players are invited to participate but not required, allowing players time in their schedule to participate in other spring sports.

Winning combination

Our combination of outstanding coaching and superior program structure will help your hockey player transform their game over the spring season.

Mike Carlucci

After his own hockey career finished, Mike Carlucci has dedicated his adult life to coaching youth players of all ages to numerous state and regional championship titles. Mike has been running successful developmental spring hockey programs since 2011.

“I am excited to be running my own program at Terry Conners this¬† spring.”


Minutes of ice

Great season

Contact Us

At CT United, we strive to provide as much information as possible to our parents and players. On our website, we list practice schedules, coaching rosters and bios, and explain the program’s format and philosophy.

Do you have a specific question not answered on our site? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and we will get right back to you. We hope to see you on the ice this spring!

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