3v3 Hockey

at Chelsea Piers

This program is currently on hold due to the restrictions on the number of players on the ice at one time.
We hope to be back on the ice again soon!

Program details


Every Friday starting April 3 and ending June 5.

'05 - '14

Players with birth years 2005 to 2014 welcome!

Chelsea Piers

Every Friday night from 6:00 PM to 7:20 PM.


$395 for all 10 Fridays, includes reversible  jersey.

About 3v3 Hockey

3v3 hockey provides every hockey player a great opportunity to get better while growing their love of the game. This emphasis on fun and enjoying the process of improvement while playing with your friends has been the key to our success in developing young hockey players at all levels over the past twelve years. 

3v3 hockey provides a fun, competitive environment for players to build confidence and skills in small area games. It is a terrific supplement to the CT United Spring Hockey program or as an opportunity to build hockey IQ and keep skating skills sharp during the spring season.


Why should my son or daughter play 3v3 hockey?
  • 3-on-3 hockey is a skills-based game played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Players quickly improve skills to adapt to this fast pace.
  • Less space = less time = quicker decisions!
  • 3-on-3 hockey increases puck handling, improves team play, creates quick transitions from offense to defense and defense to offense, increases positioning awareness, creates more time on the ice, and many additional benefits.
  • Players that are not “goal scorers” get the opportunity to touch the puck more often and gain confidence.
  • Players who are used to playing offense get to play and appreciate the defensive side of the game and defensive players get to be more creative on the offensive side of the game.
  • Goalies are always in the play, see more shots, experience more movement that increases conditioning and improves awareness and positioning.
  • It is the most fun you will have playing hockey while working hard to improve your overall game!